How to Choose Wireless|Bluetooth Speaker

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How to Choose Wireless|Bluetooth Speaker

Portable Bluetooth speakers are popular among young people for their convenient portability, exquisite appearance and many novel features. But the bluetooth speakers on the market are mixed, and many consumers are worrying about how to choose a satisfactory Bluetooth speaker. In fact, it is easy for consumers to make choices in appearance, styling, and craftsmanship. In other aspects, it is impossible to intuitively feel and assess, that is, sound quality, Bluetooth, battery life and other issues, let me tell you how to choose a portable Bluetooth speaker.

First, sound quality

Although Bluetooth speakers do not have the same mega-speaker and power as HIFI speakers, for most users, the use of Bluetooth speakers with a tablet and a mobile phone is sufficient for everyday hearing needs. In this case, how to determine the sound quality is good or bad? The most intuitive way is to hear it personally.

For example, Sagehuman launched a portable outdoor audio product. I believe everybody will obviously feel the following points when listening: At first, the loudness of the speaker is absolutely shocking; secondly, the loud sound will not appear broken sound at the maximum volume; in listening to popular music and watching the most frequently used intermediate frequency, The sound will not be distorted and the tone will not be excessive; it will be strong in the low-frequency part and have a high degree of reduction.

Second, Bluetooth version

Compared to traditional audio devices, Bluetooth speakers are more widely available, whether mobile phones, laptops or tablets, can be connected to Bluetooth speakers very quickly. At the same time, the Bluetooth version is also one of the most important factors affecting the quality of Bluetooth speakers. Currently, Bluetooth speakers on the market are mainly based on versions 3.0 and 4.0. In general, the higher the Bluetooth version, the longer the speaker's life, and the longer the effective transmission distance, the stronger the compatibility of Bluetooth.

Sagehuman's high-end audio products have the highest equipment compatibility, the most reliable connection stability, and can guarantee the best audio transmission experience.

Third, battery life

The battery life of a speaker is the same as that of a mobile phone. The longer the better, of course. Of course, everything has a peak, Xiao Bian suggested that under normal use, the ideal Bluetooth battery life is maintained at 8-10 hours. At this point, Sagehuman is relatively powerful, with battery capacity reaching the industry-leading 2000mAh-4400mah.

According to the above suggestions, it is basically right to choose the direction of the Bluetooth speaker.

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