• 2022-09-24

    What Make It A Outdoor Portable Speaker

    What Make it A Outdoor Portable Speaker Portable outdoor speakers are regular Bluetooth speakers built to take on the challenges of mother nature. In this section, we have included both compact and larger options, depending on what it is you’re looking for. Most of these speakers are waterproof.

  • 2022-09-15

    How to define the most suitable wireless speaker?

    The Bluetooth speaker market is huge right now. While there are plenty of unexceptional speakers out there, you can find some truly excellent models at every price. The best Bluetooth speakers range from tiny models, which are perfect for taking on the go, to boom box speakers with built-in LEDs, wh

  • 2022-05-06

    MS12: Double Winner of German iF and Red Dot Award

    On April 12, 2022, the winners of the world-renowned iF International Design Award were announced, and James Audio’s mid- to high-end mini conference speaker won the 2022 iF International Design Award in the telecom categories for its compact size and powerful functions, as well as its excellent pro

  • 2022-04-08

    Entry-level Personal Conference Companion MS11

    With the development of technology, online meetings have become an everyday occurrence. However, people still need excellent conference audio to improve the experience and efficiency of online meetings. Thus, MS11 Smart Office was born and quickly gained widespread attention. Among them, MS11 Pocket

  • 2022-03-12

    Here's why you need an MS10 PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone

    The new pneumonia epidemic has brought forward the future that was originally envisioned, which has dramatically changed work patterns. Remote virtual meetings are now commonplace, and more and more economic activity is taking place on a range of digital platforms. As restrictions are lifted, the qu

  • 2020-04-07

  • 2020-03-31

    Money is Not All-powerful

    It is true that money can’t buy you anything, just like this time face masks are very limited resources to get by. When the world is selling face masks, forehead thermometer and what not, we are still focusing on what makes us known to all: the Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit. It's significant to del

  • 2018-04-24

    How to find out a company is a manufacturer or a trading company

    There is no need to mention the benefits to buy directly from a manufacturer, but in many b2b websites, like or, most of the trading companies would say they are manufacturers. How to identify a company is a manufacturer or a trading company?Usually, a real manufacturer

  • 2018-03-28

    The biggest mistake people make in SNS marketing

    1. Selecting topic keywords should conform to user search habits, find keywords related to brand, industry characteristics, product line, product characteristics and marketing activities, and set up keywords that are consistent with users' search habits. For example, taking the popular search mobile

  • 2018-02-24

    Pragmatic tips for entrepreneurs and business owners to do new media

    1. Show off your personality rather than being a brand robots pushing out content, to create the founder IP,in this new era, only a fool would pay attention to a corporate public account,no one concerned about the official ordinary contents, fans are more willing to deal with an living individual.2.

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