WS10 Mini Wearable Speaker, A New Way To Enjoy Music !

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WS10 Mini Wearable Speaker, A New Way To Enjoy Music !

As a pioneering enterprise possessing over two decades of audio technological expertise, we scrutinized if we can develop a product that significantly reaches wider audiences and fills market gaps.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic receded, enthusiasm for outdoor activities such as jogging, hiking, camping, road trips, golfing, and others has sky rocketed. Simultaneously, people desire additional convenience and pleasure in outdoor activities. After comprehensive research and analysis,we developed the Bluetooth wearable speakerWS10.


WS10 displays a compact and portable design which is easy to carry. The unique magnetic clip allows it to effortlessly adhere to metal objects like fitness equipments, golf carts, door frames etc. Moreover, the spring clip allows it to be fixed on clothing and backpack straps, enabling people to exquisitely enjoy music anytime, anywhere.


In addition to accommodating outdoor occasions, WS10 also facilitates people who find it challenging to use mobile phones during work (bus drivers, forklift operators, construction workers, etc.), offering them the convenience of hands-free use.

The much-anticipated WS10 has exclusively been launched in several countries such as the United States, India, Netherlands, etc. Recognizing numerous customers anticipation for this product, we unveiled a variant with slight improvements on the appearance at the start of this yearWS11.



We are steadfast in the belief that innovation stems from profound understanding of user needs and relentless pursuit of technology. The successful introduction of WS10 and WS11 signifies our quest for excellence, going forward, we will persevere in making additional market-oriented innovations a reality!