Located in Shenzhen, China, Sage Human Electronics International Co., Ltd is a professional and reliable manufacturer for in-car electronics (Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit such as Bluetooth FM transmitter) and outdoor Bluetooth speaker. We are proud to say that we witnessed the whole development of the Bluetooth FM transmitter.
With over 1,000 highly-qualified member of staffs, we have set up an experienced and innovative R&D team who work tirelessly every day to enable us to remain the leader in the industry for the past 17 years and the years to come.
As for quality control, strict principles and management systems are in place. Only materials and components pass IQC inspections are sourced and even more, the ISO quality management system has been introduced and implemented in our factory. Small batch quality test, IPQC, in-depot and out-depot QC and QA before each and every shipment. An excellent inspection pass record (99% inspection pass rate even with SGS ) has been kept ever since the very beginning.
Innovation and technology are the 2 significant factors which underpin the development of a knowledge-based economy in the 21st century. We tapped into the technology we own and every six months new product iterations wowed the world. For this, we have our dedicated team to thank for.
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Nice one Powerjet Injection Moulding Machinery 250ton at Sagehuam factory runs in anger Now
Powerjet Injection Moulding Machinery at Sagehuam factory
Powerjet Injection Moulding Machinery at Sagehuam factory
Powerjet Injection Moulding Machinery at Sagehuam factory
Haitian Plastics Machinery with new variable technology at Sagehuam factory
Automatic paint spray process of making speaker in Sagehuman factory
Semiautomatic silking printing in Sagehuman factory
Waste water treatment plant at Sagehuman factory
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