Pragmatic tips for entrepreneurs and business owners to do new media

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Pragmatic tips for entrepreneurs and business owners to do new media

1. Show off your personality rather than being a brand robots pushing out content, to create the founder IP,in this new era, only a fool would pay attention to a corporate public account,no one concerned about the official ordinary contents, fans are more willing to deal with an living individual.

2. Good positioning of new media. What kind of fans to attract, what is the value of providing is very important;

3. The planning of new media matrix: founder twitter/facebook/linkedin/instagram + founder live + short video, the above is enough;

4. Cast your net widely, and then filter out the target fans to the private account of enterprises, the acquaintance fans 100,000 ,then pick out precise fans 10,000.Ultimately if ny new media get 50,000+ precision fans as the target user, there will be tens of millions of sales, New media can be successful.

5.Content planning: first content, 50% professional content, 50% personal life and entertainment content, and spend money on promotion (fans red envelopes, lottery draw, etc.)quick response; interaction is greater than the content; content could not limited in the article;

6. To recruit customer service to do one-on-one sales and conversion.

7.Let the professional people to handle at the begining,the owner should personally get involved and all employees should cooperate.

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