Sagehuman Annual Company Party

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Sagehuman Annual Company Party

This year’s party was held Jan 27nd at GangwanHall in Huihai Plaza. 

 We had the largest turn out ever of 1100 people.  As we continue to grow, so does our New year Party.

The party had it all – glamours style, well-deserved employee promotions, contagious dancing, and an all out celebratory spirit.

This year we give great outstanding contribution award to Fred Xiao(oversea director),Cunzhi Pan,Youming Qi.Ruizhang Chang,they delicate their great 10 years to grow the company. We wanted to honor them because of the great job they do.

And the giveaway is always the exciting part of the party,people won 6188 yuan with the lucky No.randomly picked up by award winner.

The best performance at the New Year Party is the solo dancing Big fish,And theme of the dancing is really heart moving. On the sixth birthday, a girl named Chun who resides in the "God's Wailinghouse" turns from a dolphin into a human being ,she is trapped by a net in the sea. A human boy dies in the deep sea for rescuing her . In return for grace, in order to revive a human boy, she needs go throngh all kinds of difficulties and obstacles, to help the soul of the boy after death - a thumb-sized fish grow into a greater fish as a whale and finally return to sea.

As always (especially in the case of our annual party) we work hard and play hard too. Cheers to another amazing year of creative growth, exceptional team-work, and innovative product design here at Sagehuman.