The biggest mistake people make in SNS marketing

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The biggest mistake people make in SNS marketing

1. Selecting topic keywords should conform to user search habits, find keywords related to brand, industry characteristics, product line, product characteristics and marketing activities, and set up keywords that are consistent with users' search habits. For example, taking the popular search mobile phone in North America as an example, according to the search results of a well-known search website, the keywords of "Mobile Phone" are searched 61 thousand times a day, while colloquial "Cell Phone" has 8 million 600 thousand searches per day. Obviously, the keyword "Cell Phone" is more consistent with the search habits of the target user.

2. Analysis of customer market and downstream distribution chain, extended keywords .Your ideas may be limited to products with word set keywords, in fact can broaden the application field of the combination of ideas, products, and find out the relevant keywords, make it easy for customers to find you. For example, the product of beach slippers can also be used in other fields of application besides the product word "Beach Slippers".  Well, there are a lot of products that can be used on the beach.


 It will have a lot of "associated products". For example, we can enter "Beach Shop" to search, so we will find a product with high correlation d: Beach Towels & Mats. Don’t you think those customers who import beach towel and cushion will also import beach slippers? Further search, you can dig out the high frequency word "Supplies/Supply/Supplying". This word seems simple, in fact, it represents a specific supply of products in a certain field of application. So. Use "Beach Supplies" (beach supplies supplier) as your major bushiness marketing, do not greatly expand your customer group? In this way, you start to jump out of the "product keyword" thinking set.


3.Assessment and maintenance of the theme keywords,  use our limited funds where they can be put to best use.

Maintenance of the key words means to monitor and analyze the bidding of key words, all these maintenance analysis need to accumulate data based on advertising account number, user's behavior on website and enquiry order..

For example, a supplier of LED bulbs put the key words "led light bulbs/led light" at the same time. When he found the user through the "LED light bulbs" in the website page click number and the number of buyers’ information much more than "LED light" for a long time, if the two words that he should click on the same fee, increase the previous budget to enlarge the keyword advertising effect.

4.Create a reasonable classification of key words, flexible adjustment to save cost.

It is suggested that the progress and effect of marketing can be grasped flexibly according to different marketing goals and stages. For example, taking an online travel booking service provider as an example, a total of 3 million key words were launched on the four largest search engines (google/yahoo/msn/ask) in North America, and were grouped according to national, regional, city, airline and hotel level information. The key words strategy can be adjusted at any time according to the influence factors such as the weather and the humanities of the destination. For example, although Nepal after the earthquake in the region keyword search volume increased, but it does not mean the increase of travel intention, so the travel booking company should put all suspended on the keyword "Nepal" this group immediately, in order to save costs.

5,.Familiar with search engine rules, avoid foul to reduce the risk of search engine punishment

it may take half a year to recover several years before, the loss of business opportunity cost is huge.

For example, an oil painting foreign trade company has more than 200 landscape oil paintings. All of these pictures are uploaded to the website. Each page is placed on one page, and each title is expressed in the same text. This has caused a repeat, the search engine is likely to determine whether this behavior is cheating; moreover, it also introduces the contents of repetition. This is just one of the small details of the many rules of the search engine that should be paid more attention.