Why does bluetooth speaker fade in and out?

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Why does bluetooth speaker fade in and out?

Bluetooth speakers are as an essential element to our daily lives. Especially when we having a party, or hanging out with friends outside for fun, a bluetooth speaker with good sound quality and RGB lighting could help you to make more fun, and even being the vibe maker for your activities.

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However, have you encountered any issues while having fun with a bluetooth speaker? Such as the music is in and out while playing bluetooth speaker. This could be a main issue for speakers and really a disappointment if you were the host. So, what aspects will cause this problem? As many consumers are aware of that there are many bluetooth versions applied to speakers, some lower versions may not be very stable with connection and range. And bluetooth waves are easily been interfered. Therefore, issues may occur if there are walls, people, metal, or other objects that interrupt Bluetooth waves between the speaker and your smartphone or tablet. Meanwhile, this issue may be occurred while you are operating apps, or accessing the settings screen on your smartphone or tablet.

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Indeed higher bluetooth version brings better stability and connecting range. That’s why new Sage speaker are designed with at least V5.0. So the connection is strong enough even there are some interference. And the connecting range is much wider which guarantees the fun of musics, while accidentally carry away your phone or tablet, and caused fun terminated.

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All of Sage latest models are designed with V5.0 or higher version to prevent above issues from happening. And we are able to provide QDIDs of bluetooth chips to help clients with BQB certificates. So contact our professional sales today to upgrade your product lines and take more market shares.