six core keywords in 2018 Taobao e-business ecology

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 six core keywords in 2018 Taobao e-business ecology

In 2018, the e-commerce ecosystem will collaborate with Weibo, WeChat,and will have a better performance in the e-commerce of the content platform, and at the same time, it will give tremendous impetus to the quality content and data precipitation in Taobao's ecosystem.

After experiencing a long period of content filling and massive content precipitation, Taobao's appeal to the basic content has become cold, the demand for high-quality content and up-to-date people has not changed, but more enhanced to convey such a voice; Combined with the official to give three key words, personalization, scene, data, there are additional quality, IP and marketing; these six keywords will constitute the core of Taobao content eco-direction, but also the general direction of sustained efforts.

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